Thursday, April 23

Baby is Here!!!

LANDON IS HERE!!! Very excited about this. Sorry for lack of updates, internet doesnt work at hospital, so if you want more information, text me. Jessi had a grueling 39-hour labor, and it ended in a C-section. Landon was born at 9:05 am, and weighed in at 8 lbs. We are both very exhausted, and will be trying to rest as much as possible the next couple days at the hospital. I will try and update more after this weekend when i will have internet access. Here are some pictures!

Friday, April 17

Back From the Hospital

Jessi and I just got back from the hospital, where we had spent most of the day. Jessi had some strong contractions last night, and a few this morning, so we went in to see if the time was upon us. Sadly, it is not yet, but she did get the Doctor to tell us that if she doesnt go into full labor by monday, they are going to induce her then, so we will be proud parents by Tuesday hopefully. Also, in other big news, Jessi had another ultrasound on thursday and it turns out we are having a boy! Excitment all around for that news. We are both exhausted as of right now, and will be doing more prep work over the weekend. Anyone who feels that they want to come see the baby will need either the address of the hospital or Jessi's address for the days after, so if you want to come down, text me (253) 653-8070, and specify who it is if i dont already have your number. Jessi may not want too much company, so it will also give us a chance to limit the number of extra guest that come down, but we will glady enjoy many people who do!!!

That is all for now

Buffman and Jess

Sunday, April 12

Getting Closer

We are now 10 days away from the given due date, and things are speeding up in a hurry (although I think Jessi wishes they would go faster). I have 4 more days of work left at Safeway before i go down to Ethel to be w/ Jess until the big day, and then for a couple weeks after. I am excited/nervous/scared but know that whatever happens it will be for the best. I can't wait to see my child!!!

Thursday, April 9

Excitement vs. being discouraged

For the past 2 days I have had alot of Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) and false labor. It has left me very sore and tired. I go from being really excited because things are finally moving in the right direction to being very disappointed that it doesn't develop into anything. I know that I have 12 days left before my due date, but I am so anxious to see my baby! I have been so nervous up til this point about bringing home this life that is fully dependant on me and that it will be a life that is up to us to form... Now I just want to touch and see this little person that I have spent the past 38 weeks dreaming about, praying for, and being so afraid of! I pray constantly that God will give me the strength and endurance for labor. I pray even more often that He will give me the wisdom to seek Him in raising this child to live for Him! It has been an incredibly amazing experience seeing the changes and improvements that this little human being that we have never met before has caused for Travis and I to make in our lives! I have a hard time looking back at the way I used to act and the things that never crossed my mind... Things, priorities, are so different now! My life revolves around this baby that I haven't even laid my eyes on yet!